Recent Work

Delmar & The Dedications – Don’t Give Up On Me

The Off Days – Lover Boy (Engineer, Mix)

Burn Rebuild – For The Last Time (Engineer)

How It Got Burned – Desire (Engineer, Mix)

Oscar Bait – Pro Skater 2 (Engineer, Mix)

The 1 Class – The Love War (Engineer)

Two Houses – Unfriend (Mix)

The Hypnic Jerks – Lost In Love (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Two Houses Split (Mix)

Turnspit – Desire Paths (Engineer, Mix)

Chasing Chimera – Hallways To Nowhere (Engineer)

Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds – Boardin’ USA (Engineer, Mix)

Flatfoot 56 – Odd Boat (Engineer)

Boss Fight – Winter Classic Split (Engineer, Mix)

Oscar Bait – Become Good (Engineer)

OttoMann – Lousy Weather (Engineer, Mix)

Mason Jiller – Mason Jiller (Engineer, Mix)

The Murderburgers – The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People (Engineer)

Bloodthrone – Rust In Hell (Mix, Master)

Bogart – Bogart (Engineer, Mix)

Turnspit – Split (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Beauty School – Teenage Dominoes (Engineer, Mix)

Dog & Wolf – Tens Split (Engineer, Mix)

The Falcon – Gather Up The Chaps (Engineer, Mix)

Turnspit – I Wonder If They’re Happy (Engineer, Mix)

Boss Fight – Deej (Engineer, Mix)

The Queers/Hypnic Jerks – What Should I Do? (Engineer, Mix)

Born On Jeffreys – EP (Engineer, Mix)

Brendan Kelly – Split The Tip (Engineer, Mix)

Bluebirds – Friends With Flies (Engineer, Mix)

OttoMann – EP1 (Engineer, Mix)

Greyfield – Measured In Milligrams (Engineer, Mix)

VA – Red Scare Industries: 10 Years Of Your Dumb Bullshit

OttoMann – Circus EP (Engineer, Mix)

The Felix Culpa – Foreign Tongues Split (Engineer)

Chase This City – Getting Sentimental (Engineer, Mix)

Down Goes Goodman – Let Bygones Be Bygones (Engineer, Mix)

The Roaring .22s – Leisse On Bey (Mix, Master)

Ness – EP (Engineer, Mix)

Masked Intruder – MI (Engineer)

MG – Greene Is Good (Engineer, Mix)

Dowsing – I Don’t Even Care Anymore (Assistant Engineer)

Down Goes Goodman – Stiffy (Engineer, Mix)

Chase This City – Everything I Never Told You (Engineer, Mix)

Broken Birds – EP (Engineer, Mix)

Chase This City – Encino Man (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Chase This City – Sad Days with Patty Mayonnaise (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Dog & Wolf – EP (Engineer, Mix, Master)

Message To Montauk – Vapor Shakes (Engineer)

Marks the Date – EP (Engineer, Mix)

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