I engineer all of my projects out of Atlas Studios, located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Atlas offers a great collection of microphones and preamps, as well as one of the best sounding live rooms in Chicago. 

Pro Tools HD8

Barefoot mm27

Yamaha NS10M

Microphone Preamps
API 3124+ (2)

Langevin Dual Vocal Combo
Yamaha ML-8

Wunder Cm7 | Royer 121  | Beyerdynamic M201 | Beyerdynamic M88 | Sennheiser 441 | Sennheiser 421 | Shure Beta 91 | Shure Beta 181 (x2) | Shure Sm57 (x4) | Shure Sm7b (x2) | AKG 451 (x2) | AKG D112 (x2) | Behringer C2 (x2) | Telefunken M80 SH | Cascade Fat Head Pair | Sennheiser 504

Dark Horse Percussion Maple Kit (24×16, 13×9, 16×16)

Pork Pie Maple Toms (12×8, 16×16)
C&C Player Date Mahogany Snare (14×6.5)
Pork Pie Maple Snare (14×6.5)

Orange Bass Terror 500 Head
Ampeg 4×10 Bass cabinet

Peavey Classic 50 Combo
Fender SuperSonic 22 Combo
Randall Custom 4×12 Guitar cabinet
Emperor Custom 1×15 Guitar cabinet

Studio One
Pro Tools 11

Slate Digital Plugins
FabFilter Plugins

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